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about me continued

When I am not photographing weddings or other sessions, you can catch me at an Orlando City game, cheering on our home team (even if we aren’t that great). Hopefully next season is better! Or at home with my little family. We just became first time homebuyers, so our home has become our favorite place to be!

My best friend, life partner, love of my life’s name is Trevor. He is the best thing to ever happen to me. He keeps me grounded and always pushes me to succeed. I feel so secure and loved by him, words fall short trying to describe how truly lucky I am to have him in my life. I’ll spend forever trying to express how much I love him with words, but for now I will do what I know best, and love him each and everyday that we have together. I love this life that we have made together and I can’t wait for the future with him.


Not just “a” photographer

I am YOUR photographer and your dress holder, drink bringer, problem solver, advice giver, fan girl, veil tosser, hair and make up checker, and most importantly someone you can truly rely on for all things.

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photography for every milestone in your life