Hello! My site is currently transforming and will be launched by February 17th.  If you need immediate access to wedding packages or portrait rates, please email sydneymormanphoto@gmail.com :) Thanks! 


Who I am:  I was always the girl with the camera in her hands, always taking pictures of my friends, co-workers, pets and anything else that caught my eye. After a while I decided that following my passion for photography was just the right thing to do. I love being behind the camera rather than in front of it and knowing how it can be uncomfortable for some, I do my best put them at ease and make my clients comfortable. I love feedback and working my client’s ideas into a shoot so that when they look at the photographs they say ‘that is just what I imagined’. I adore pets and bringing your dog to a shoot makes my day as much as having amazing photos of them makes yours. Babies and children are a blast to shoot and I am not above getting down and playing with them to get the kind of shoots the parents want.

Approach: I am all about unplugged weddings, where the guests are there to enjoy the wedding and not having seven phones get in the way of that dream shot that makes the bride cry. I take care of my couples and strive to capture their uniqueness in the details. The more unique a wedding, the more fun it is to capture lasting memories.

When you hire me, you don't just get a girl with a nice camera, you get Sydney, the girl that goes the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable.  The girl that spends time prepping you for your session or wedding day, and the girl that spends hours upon hours post session, staying up all night editing and uploading all of your photos, because I am just as excited to see the final product as you are.