Wedding day details can be tricky to master and prioritize, especially if you're on a tight timeline.  In order to help me achieve a cohesive look that represents my style, and create something with a wow factor in a timely manner, I challenged myself.  I did not purchase anything specifically for this shoot and only used items that were readily available to me in under 20 minutes.

      I found some good light from my bedroom window and shot these details on a white "snow" blanket that was under our christmas tree! I found some lace and threw that over top for some depth and detail.  I ran outside and found these cute little vines growing in the cracks of our sidewalk and then added a silk flower from a bouquet I made from this past summer.  I grabbed some things that I love and use everyday and laid them out.  Here is the end result! I challenge you to do the same, I think you will be surprised by your creativity.  Use #20MinuteDetailChallenge to showcase your creation and Pin it if you love it!!